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Cathay Herbal Laboratories Pty Ltd.

Cathay Herbal Laboratories Pty Ltd commenced business in 1986 in the belief that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) had a great future in the western world.

They were formed to take advantage of the Chinese Medicine knowledge base, which has been built on 4,000 years of recorded medical experience that forms the largest body of medical knowledge in the world today.

The backbone of this knowledge is the classic herbal formulas ranging in age and usage from thousands to at least 100 years.

It was upon these foundational formulas that Cathay Herbal built its business and its reputation. Behind these formulas is a long history of efficacy and clinical experience. The possibility of unwanted side effects has been filtered out over this long period.
After 20 years of research and experience in China, Cathay has adopted the most convenient and effective forms in which these formulas can be used. By making large-batch decoctions, which are concentrated and made into easy to take pills, the inconvenience of making in-home decoctions from raw herbs is now unnecessary.

Cathay Herbal offers over 140 classic formulas available in pill form plus a range of granules, liquids and plasters.
They have found that there is no shortage of patients and practitioners who have positive attitudes towards TCM and Herbal medicine in general.

Cathay Herbal Laboratories believes in promoting research into TCM, and sponsored the Hospital clinical trial using one of their products for the treatment of Hepatitis C. The trial, which is now complete, was conducted over a period of 18 months at the John Hunter Hospital, Newcastle and was a qualified success. This was the first trial using TCM to treat a serious disease in a Western teaching hospital under strict Western clinical rules. The results were presented at the Chicago Liver Conference (1997). Further laboratory results have been presented at the Washington D.C. Liver Conference (1999).

There is a growing awareness in the western world of the benefits of natural healing. More people are turning to 'alternative' medicines and therapies. As a result, Chinese herbal medicine is currently enjoying a rise in popularity in all parts of the world as more people prove for themselves its effectiveness.

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